Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sharpe's update

I was telling my sister on the phone last night we had moved the awning round and I had started gardening. Well I brought three mauve pots so she said well you had better put the pictures on the blog so I have.
This is the view we get every day as we go about our daily jobs
This is the view of my garden (okay not quite RHS)

This is our kitchen in the awning

And this is the Warden watching live footie (i have been chucked out into the motor)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

James Edward Sharpe

James belongs in our blog because he is our son and even though it is 11 years since he was killed in a road traffic accident there is not a day that goes by with-out Me, or his Dad, or his Sister,or his Grandparents or his Aunties and Uncles thinking about him. That's all i wanted to say.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Olympic Torch

Today the Olympic torch came through Modbury (where we are living at the moment) so we went down to see the torch come through the town. The torch came through very quickly and surprise surprise they ran through the town with it so it was over very quickly. The police convoy though took ages to come through, just think of all that overtime!!!

Anyway here is Paul waiting
 And here is the torch

Saturday, 19 May 2012


Now dear reader a great deal of Wardens time is spent dealing with the toilets, cleaning, re-stocking, re-cleaning after the great British public have walked over the clean wet floors with their muddy boots, picking up the toilet roll after the same people have hurled it across the floor, shutting the doors to keep the heat in and of course opening the doors when...........!!!!!!! and I have to say I don't mind them at all
But today took the role to new heights, today I did the bin run. This involves driving the big tractor around the site and making sure all the service points are clean and emptying the bins. Also the same members of the public also throw away such amazing things. Today we collected an old fire, two deck chairs and a airer. What we are supposed to do with these items i do not know, but i do know we are not Bluntisham tip.
But the very worse thing i had to do was empty the dog bins, now i am not a dog person at all, but i managed to change the bag in each bin while holding my breath. Now that is a Nurse's training for you!!!!! Prepares you for anything

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

we are soggy

We are all a bit soggy at the moment with all the rain, well I am also a bit saggy but that is my age. However dear reader I am trying to do something about it I am attending a boot camp in the village and i can still do 2mins of star jumps with out any accidents so i am quite pleased.
We have had a great week my sister who is also my best friend came to stay on site and we had a couple of days off and went exploring. We went to the sea, and ate fish and chips from a fantastic fish and chip shop which is called 'The Codfather', slightly more exotic than Besters fish and chip shop in Willingham, where we used to buy 3d worth of chips with crispy bits when we were kids, but the chips were just as tasty.We also went to Looe and had a lovely day just wandering about and sitting by the water.Oh and eating pasties.
We then had a wonderful day yesterday, our Warden mates came to visit for the day and we went to the sea and i even managed to take of my jumper and bare my arms (nicely toned from boot camp, as long as i keep them by my side) Anyway me and my friend are going to learn to surf. This is no 1 on the 20 new things we are going to do this season, no 2 may be struggle into a wet suit but we're not sure until we book our first lesson.
The rain is relentless, and we cannot understand why people with large caravans have to drive over our grass on their way to their hard standing pitch but all part of the job i suppose. Good job we have plenty of grass seed and me and Paul have perfected the art of treading in the ruts ....similar to going onto the pitch after a polo match the only difference is i am wearing my steel capped trainers and not designer heels!!!!