Thursday, 29 March 2012

IT help desk

Yes it had to happen today we were left in charge. Well i think Paul was really left in charge and I brought up the rear. This is totally and utterly due to the fact he cut the whole playing field and therefore is 'top dog'  which I feel is a bit unfair as it is very difficult to shine when you are only pulling up weeds. (even though they are very difficult weeds. Any way all went well until it came to the end of the day and i had to complete the end of day report and print out the said copy. Yes you guessed it it didn't work and after all my years experience in IT I phoned the IT help desk. They are brilliant and the gentleman was so helpful and i was really enjoying talking to them guessed it I had let the printer run out of paper which is why I could not you think this is why Paul was left in charge?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sun sea and sandwiches

Today was what this change of lifestyle was all about. It was our first whole day off and we went to the seaside which is about 4 miles from site. We walked along the cliffs and found several secluded beaches along the way, we stopped and eat our sandwiches looking over the most fantastic beach and views possible. The sun shone and we both have turned a nice shade of pink. Paul doesn't do sand so sat on the rocks, i striped down to my vest and pants (not a pretty sight but the beach was deserted) and had a small nap lying on the sand
The views from the cliffs were amazing and we loved looking at how the way the cliffs had been formed millions of years ago by pushing up the mud and slit to give the most fantastic formations. We also spent some time watching the surfers crashing through the waves. All in all a very good day. Back to work tomorrow

Friday, 23 March 2012

Oh how the mighty

Just to say yesterday talking about New Year in Sidney, today sweeping the roads (around the site) still loving it though!!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sidney for new year

We have had full conformation about every part of our trip. Leaving London at the end of November first stop Hong Kong then Auckland via Sidney. We have three weeks travelling in New Zealand, we were offered a camper van for this part of the trip,but i think we will be sick to death of living in one by then, so it is car hire and Motel/Hotel, based (of course) around Paul's budget restrictions. We then fly to Australia and travel to the Red Centre for three/four days, then up to the Barrier Reef area (Port Douglas) for a week over Christmas. We then travel down to Sidney in time for New Year (really excited about that) and we have booked to 'walk the Sidney Harbour bridge' while we are there. We then fly on to New Orleans for three days then hire a car to drive round to Ray and Barbara in Tampa Florida for a couple of weeks R&R. We also get to eat at Coady's which is always a bonus especially with the rum runners you get with your meal there.
After all this we fly home and by then we will be missing our Mand very much and will be very pleased to see her and our Richard, and of course use her washing machine for our heaps of dirty washing we collect on our way around.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Water everywhere

Today was about water and orange trousers. It rained for most of the day and apparently this site is the wettest in the region, but it didn't matter because today's job was scrubbing the drains and the service points. I was in charge of the hose pipe and Paul was in charge of me........there were time when both connected and unfortunately Paul got wet!!!!. It is a complete amazement to us both that at the end of the day we took immense pride in the gleaming drains all ready for the members to use.
We both wore our reflective orange trousers and jackets for this task but I do have to say I looked quite fetching in mine and even the volunteer on our site was overcome by the sight (in a good way I am sure). Lets hope the sun comes out tomorrow.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Guess what

Today was brilliant I learnt so much. I spent some time in the office and did some 'on line' ordering, then despite my dismal performance on the tractors and other equipment during the induction i was allowed to do some mowing, and i have to say it I felt I was just brilliant. Paul gets to use the huge ride on mowers and every-one says he is doing a wonderful job making the site look so pretty. I only had to be corrected twice on my mowing technique and i am sure it was not punishment that i was sent to hand mow the back of the toilet block
The sun shone all day today and I think I have a bit of a sun tan!!!! Not sure I have lost any weight yet but we have our proper uniform now and tonight we are having a grand trying on session. Why do I have a sinking feeling?

Friday, 16 March 2012

On site

Got on site yesterday lunch time and met the team we will be working with. We have our own compound and shower room and garage, but we have parked on the road by the reception at the moment because we need to spend our time getting the site ready for the opening next week, before we can think of getting ourselves sorted.
Our first night we went out for supper to a lovely bistro but tonight we cracked open the pasta sauce and eat in the van. Today was our first full day on the site and i learnt how to check and open up the bollards ready for the caravans and motor homes to connect up for electric. We also started on the toilet block and Paul spent all day cutting grass which made the site look so much better. We feel very tired this evening, but we have had fun, and are looking forward to our first day off (even though we are not sure when that will be) and exploring the area.
Every one at home seems to be okay so all is well

The fourth and final day

The last day was devoted to first aid, some of you may think that being a Nurse and Midwife helps you with first aid but this is not so, people such as me are usually useless. So for me the sessions were fantastic, we learnt all about 'little sick' cut fingers and the like. 'middle sick', such as broken limbs, and then 'big sick' heart attacks and conditions such as stroke. We all got to practice, and i was so grateful for the experts in first aid when Paul dislocated my shoulder putting me in the recovery position during one of our practice sessions.
It was quite sad to say goodbye to all the new people we had met on the course but we were all very excited to leave and start our new positions.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Day 3 of the induction

We are have just completed day 3 of our induction. Yesterday we had the whole day training on the equipment we will be using on site. I am fabulous at driving a tractor and mower forwards but completely rubbish at driving the tractor and trailer backwards. I feel this may be identified as a development need on my personal development plan!!!. Paul of course could do everything perfectly.
We have frequent food breaks during the day and wonderful evening meals, I am trying very hard not to eat to much, I am not sure how long I can hold out though. Paul has not given himself this stress
We travel to site on Thursday, and then set up our camp. We are painfully aware that people are much more organised then us, and have all sorts of 'kit' for this lifestyle, so we may need to visit a Tesco extra on the way down to site. What is a halogen oven anyway? does any-one know? and what do I do with it if I find one?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

We are on our way

Finally got packed and away from the pension house at lunch time. Both the car and the motor home are stuffed full of stuff. We counted we have taken 8 chairs with us which is a little excessive i know but they do all match!!! We are now in Chatsworth awaiting the arrival of Manda and Rich with our tea (this is more like it!!!) we have moved the boxes out of the way so we can at least sit down to eat. Oh and I have managed to find the wine
Update on motor home, all is now well after a trip to the garage, the on board computer has been re-set and all now seems to be working. We are also contacting Trail finders tomorrow to give the go ahead to the Australia trip. We leave in November and will take in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, New Orleans, and Florida.
Just got a few months of hard work to do first!!!
Now thank you to every-one who has offered us a bed, bath and hot meal in the months to come now we are homeless. We are being fair to you all and developing a rota as we speak, so you can all take it it turns.

Well it had to happen

Yes you guessed it we went to pick up the motor home from Pat and Richard's and the said vehicle would not start. Not even a glimmer of hope. Yes i know what you are saying....get out the jump leads.....sold them!! so off to Dad's to borrow stop the couple who brought our house in Willingham (they have every thing) non. Then i had a brainwave Ray Garner. (Now for those who know Garners yard let us just say it took me all day to clean my boots after). Anyway Ray saved the day and after 30mins we managed to jump start the van from the old car. Needless to say the van is not right and may have to go into dock for some expensive repairs before the week-end. 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Final car boot today and managed to sell everything before the heavy rain started. My assistant however managed to stay in bed (watching football)while i was beating back the crowds at Fenstanton lakes as they battled to buy my general tat and rubbish. However he is not a natural 'car boot seller' and probably better out of the way. Have also sold kitchen table and chairs on ebay so we are down to eating off the ironing board. Motor home coming out of storage on Tuesday ready to stock up and then off to Chatsworth for a couple of days with our king sized bed frame strapped to the bike rack on the back, as Manda is having that as well. Paul's brother (doesn't know it yet) is going to store some boxes and even Mum and Dad are not escaping from one or two items for storage, then its off to the Caravan Club induction on Saturday for four days training. Which I have to say is more than a new Midwife gets when they start at the Maternity Unit!!!
Update on our Australia trip. Paul has now recovered from his suspected heart attack when i told him the initial price and should be out of intensive care in time to go back to Trail-finders on Monday to book our updated travel plans.