Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sun sea and sandwiches

Today was what this change of lifestyle was all about. It was our first whole day off and we went to the seaside which is about 4 miles from site. We walked along the cliffs and found several secluded beaches along the way, we stopped and eat our sandwiches looking over the most fantastic beach and views possible. The sun shone and we both have turned a nice shade of pink. Paul doesn't do sand so sat on the rocks, i striped down to my vest and pants (not a pretty sight but the beach was deserted) and had a small nap lying on the sand
The views from the cliffs were amazing and we loved looking at how the way the cliffs had been formed millions of years ago by pushing up the mud and slit to give the most fantastic formations. We also spent some time watching the surfers crashing through the waves. All in all a very good day. Back to work tomorrow

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  1. Hi Angela
    Sound like you are having fun!! Where abouts is your site? We are in Cornwall at the moment enjoying the sunshine!!!!
    Speak soon
    Carol x