Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Here comes the sun....Here comes the sun

Well as we tell people who phone our site it has in fact rained here since March. I have grown webbed feet and the Warden is only ever seen out with his Wellingtons he brought from Mr Rudd, which was fraught with difficulty as he only had two pairs he could choose from at the time and one of the pairs were in fact both left footed. Anyway he is getting he use out of them.
I am however just a little fed up with watch the BBC weather forecast and seeing rain over Plymouth and sun over Willingham. Anyway we only have another month to go then we have finished this contract. We have requested to work slightly closer to home so we should hear around the middle of September if we have our desired location.
Today we had a really lovely day out at Antony, which is a rather nice house just the other side of Plymouth. We really have made good use of the National Trust membership. I did have one slight mis-hap in the big house....as i tripped on the carpet the guide gently but firmly asked me to be careful because if i tripped i could damage some of the furniture. The Warden walked off at this point, while i explained very carefully and quietly that i was more important actually than any old furniture (i am directly descended from the Tolpuddle Marchers so i find inherited wealth and all that goes with it difficult at the best of times, mind you it is just as well i was not around in that era as i would have been burnt at the stake at the very least).
Anyway we did have a couple of lovely days away from site last week and came back to Cambridge. As usual we packed so much in. We got to see Amanda and Rich in their new home. We manage to scrounge dinner from Mum and Dad. Supper from Liz and John and i also managed to meet up with a friend for lunch as well as squeeze in supper with four dear friends in the evening. Phew!!!! well back on the diet today.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Hedge cutting and daily bread

Today me and the Warden have had a super day we have been hedge cutting, i of course am the assistant and have to rake all the cuttings as he moves forward cutting and them we get to scrape them all together and put them in the trailer. Just think this time last year i was working in a hot office wearing nice shoes, now we get to work outside and my safety shoes well... I just look fetching......but we are very happy so that's all that matters
We only got soaked twice so all in all a good day. I felt my stomach muscles tighten with every pull of the rake so i am sure i was a size 8 by the time we were called in for tea, just a shame i had a cream tea, anyway i am off to Zumba tonight so i am sure i will work it off.
We had a really good week with Mand and Rich and the weather was kind to us and we even managed to eat outside on a couple of nights. The Warden refused to give up his bed for them this time so they had to sleep in the awning but they didn't seem to mind!!!1
Oh and we are having great success with the bread making which has been taken over by the Warden who is making all sorts of fancy breads, i knew baking him only wholemeal bread would get him to take a keen interest and take over the responsibility of the daily baking (those of you who know me well know i don't cook and i even expect him to leave me all my meals in the freezer if he goes away at all)
We did have a really good day out last week doing the Devon 'round robin' which means visiting key places using the bus, steam train and a river trip. The best part was the river trip from Dartmouth to Totnes, it was really beautiful and well worth going.