Monday, 1 April 2013

Colour change: The adventures of the green trousers

As this years theme is the adventures of the green trousers i have decided to change the back ground colour. Hence the green.
Anyway me and the Warden have started the season in Derbyshire and very nice the place is too. Except it is freezing, we have has snow drifts, ice, gales and that was all in the first week. We ended up shutting the site the first week-end as the snow was so bad and the road leading to the site so slippy with ice. One caravan took out the front gate as they tried to make their way onto site.............they will not be happy when they get the bill for the repairs.
Anyway it is very nice to be close to Amanda who is making great strides in her career and has just got a band 7 job at Queens in Nottingham and guess what they are moving further away again.....was it something we said do you think or the fact the Warden eats them out of house and home when he visits (says something about pay back time......he hasn't started to jump on their furniture yet but there is time yet)
We have been really organised and spurned on by the cold and frost and snow have booked our flights back out to Florida. As one of the team will be 60 next February that team member decided there was no way on Gods earth she was going to be 60 and cold so off the sunny Florida we are going. We love the sunshine, there are some great people we meet and we get to stay with our dearest friends.Though this time we will rent somewhere for part of the time as Mand and Rich are going to join us!!!!!
So its our day off tomorrow and we are off on our bikes along the Chesterfield canal, lets hope the sun comes out and i may persuade the Warden to buy me a shandy and a packet of crisps.

Brought flights to Florida 

The Warden at work