Friday, 20 July 2012

Good things about today

1. Today is James Sharpe's birthday and we celebrate the fact that we love him and are very pleased to be his Mum and Dad even if we would have liked him around for longer than he was.
2. The sun came out today and it was very hot and i am told it is staying for at least a couple of weeks.
3. Mand and Rich are coming to stay for a few days next week
4. I am arranging a holiday with my sister for when we finish on site
5. My Mum has got an abundance of runner beans and that means we will get some next time we are home (even if i have to ask her to freeze some for me.........she will have to do it because i got none of the broad beans this year!!!!!)
6. It is the Wardens birthday tomorrow (he cannot make his mind up what he wants as a present so i may just go ahead and get something for me.....well shame to miss a buying opportunity.
7. One of our campers left us some wine and chocolates....we used to get pressies like that in the Health Service years ago!!!!!
Anyway all in all....a good day. With a tiny black cloud!!!!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

School outing

Yesterday me and the Warden had our day off and we went to a lovely National Trust place called Landhydrock which was brilliant. The week before we went to the Eden project with our dear friends Ray and Barbara, which although we had a lovely day this was mainly due to the great company rather than what the Eden project had to offer. However it was interesting to note that Cornish Pasties in the restaurant at the Eden project was £6.00 yet in the cafe by the exit they were only £3.00. Guess where we had ours?. Anyway the Warden wanted pasties for his packed lunch yesterday so we stopped off at Looe first thing to stock up before hitting Landhydrock.
Well today we heard the weather is on the change so we are hoping for lots of sun which will be good as Mand and Rich are coming to stay next week. Oh and we have had our contract extended so we are now working till the 2nd week in October, so the Warden is pleased as we have five months with out pay while we are off travelling!!!!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The boys in the hood

We have a new addition to our family and before you all start sending us congratulations on being Grand-Parents i had better explain.
This is Trevor or Trevour to his friends. He is a travel bear and came to us from my Sister in Suffolk. He has already been to Saffron Walden, and to the Ladies tennis semi-final at Wimbledon and now he lives with us in Devon

Trevor (Trevour) on arrival

Trevor ready to welcome guests

Trevor learning to operate the Wardens tractor
Anyway Trevor has joined the gang so he is coming with us to the Eden Project tomorrow and who knows where else!!! He will need a passport to join us on our trip to Australia so its all go here on site now making the necessary arrangements. Also i am very glad to report no further toad incidents, oh and the sun came out today!!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2012


I have reached crisis point and have told the Warden i am off. I found the biggest toad in our awning yesterday it was as big as a dinner plate. Now i do not do reptiles, i have had to work with them in the past, especially in my last job but i refuse point blank to living with them. The Warden took no notice of my plight and reminded me our site is famous for being a bio-diversity site and gently encouraged the creature into the hedge. Anyway i am on toad alert big time.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

We are borrowing a snorkel

Well our fellow Warden friends are buying snorkels to help them on their site, so i have asked if i can borrow them, so that the Warden can continue to build his ark to rescue all the animals and campers we have on our site as well, now we are back to work after our days off. We have just returned from a visit to Sheffield to catch up with child no 2, and yes you guessed it it rained there as well, but it was lovely to see her and Rich.
The good news is that the Warden has agreed to complete a balloon ride over the rain forest (get the link!) when we are at the great barrier reef in Australia in December, so i have quickly booked this for Christmas Eve as well as another trip he doesn't know about yet which will take us into the rain forest on one of their famous railways.....getting a little excited now especially as some-one told me the sun shines in Australia at that time of the year.
So back to work and going to experiment with the bread maker this week so that is something to look forward to, also have our monthly assessment meeting this week, and i am hoping the recent praise about my tractor driving is going to work in my favour and the fact i lost a set of campers on the admission board is going to be over-looked!!!!. Anyway the Warden continues to shine, although he did get told off for not wearing his high' vis vest' on the tractor.....i did chuckle!!!.