Monday, 25 June 2012

Just so you know

Just so you know we had our additional tractor training on Friday and the man said i was the best lady Warden at tractor driving and grass cutting he had seen in the 4 years he had been doing the training. The Warden is reeling from the shock but i feel a little smug.
The bread maker came today so off to experiment with baking our fresh bread, the Warden has worked out it will take two years to pay for itself taking into account the cost of a loaf of bread he can get from the co-op verses the cost of the bread maker.....he has no soul.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Urgent Update

Those of you who have been following us here on the blog will know there have been issues with me and the tractor driving, first during our induction training and then again the other week when the lead Warden tried to teach me to drive the large tractor to cut the play field.
Anyway I have just received a phone call from the trainers to say they are coming on site tomorrow to continue our equipment training which dear reader includes tractor driving!!!!!
What can I be ill with?

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Summer Clothing

It is time for me to discuss the issue of clothing. Being a girl i love to go shopping for clothes and remember with envy when i was 15 that my dear friend Rowena used to have a clothing allowance, which she spent at a particular shop in Cambridge which is now a building society (she obviously didn't spend enough) So when we started this job i was very excited to receive the free uniform. We get long trousers.....short trousers...polo shirts....sweat shirts and the most unshapely fleece you have ever seen, all of which are in green with the appropriate trim, so dear reader what i want to know is why do i only get to wear my long trousers and polo shirts and only mange to do with-out my fleece once or twice in the week; it is the middle of June and as i look out of the awning it is raining again!!!!!!! The toilet block is going to be unspeakable at cleaning tomorrow when every one has trodden mud in again. Hey Ho, but i really do want to wear my shorts.
However on the positive this new way of life has meant i have lost weight so at my parents 60th Wedding party this week-end i managed to get into a dress which has to be a result. Oh and we got to see our Mand and Rich again so that's always a bonus.

Mum and Dad relaxing before 50+ family turn up wanting food (mainly cherry pie)

We stayed with my Sister for three nights which was fab and great to catch up with her, we then stayed a night with our dear friends Ray and Barbara which was a real treat, and all i have to say is the Warden had quite a few treats while he was there and as a result blamed this on his performance the next day on the golf course, not the wine or beer. Anyway we are back to work now and the site is getting quite busy so all we need is the sun and all will be well.

Sunday, 10 June 2012


This past week has been very eventful. First our Mand and Rich came to stay for the week and we just loved having them. Secondly we had our Jubilee celebrations here on site and Paul wiped the board with his face painting stall. I had a 'win a lolly' stall which didn't do quite as well, mainly because one rotten grandfather cheated so that his granddaughter could win each time she had a go grrrr.

Paul with his first customer

Mand painting her Dad

Boys at work

Anyway Paul has quite a talent at face painting and most of the site were seen walking round as tigers.

I'm a tiger...I'm a tiger

We went away to Tintagel during the week and stayed in a lovely B&B called the Coach House at Boscastle. Both Boscastle and Tintagel are lovely and well worth a visit, the weather was damp but we made the best of it.

Our two most favourite people
Anyway coming home next week end......cannot wait