Sunday, 10 June 2012


This past week has been very eventful. First our Mand and Rich came to stay for the week and we just loved having them. Secondly we had our Jubilee celebrations here on site and Paul wiped the board with his face painting stall. I had a 'win a lolly' stall which didn't do quite as well, mainly because one rotten grandfather cheated so that his granddaughter could win each time she had a go grrrr.

Paul with his first customer

Mand painting her Dad

Boys at work

Anyway Paul has quite a talent at face painting and most of the site were seen walking round as tigers.

I'm a tiger...I'm a tiger

We went away to Tintagel during the week and stayed in a lovely B&B called the Coach House at Boscastle. Both Boscastle and Tintagel are lovely and well worth a visit, the weather was damp but we made the best of it.

Our two most favourite people
Anyway coming home next week end......cannot wait


  1. Well,I thought that was a real tiger,then i thought no,because we don't get many tigers in England
    Very lovely! Somehow paul you missed your vocatilon in life but don't take it any further ,as the next step is doing makeup in John Lewis and you wouldnt like that!
    Glad you had a lovely time ,see you on Saturday love mum

  2. Thanks for having us, we really enjoyed ourselves!! The lifestyle you have now seems that good that we are considering retiring early.......(if only!)

    We would however like to warn anyone that is due to visit the Sharpe's on tour, Angela drives extremely fast on the tractor, easily exceeding the 5 mph limit on the site! So watch out!

    We hope the meeting with the area manager goes well tomorrow - don’t forget to show him the comments we made in the visitors book!

    We look forward to visiting again for a long weekend later in the summer!

    Lots of love, Manda and Rich xxx