Friday, 28 September 2012

The Final Count Down

So here are the stats for the final countdown before me and the Warden head off into the distance to meet up with Sister and John for a spot of R&R.
5 more days at work
5 more toilet block cleaning sessions
5 more bin runs (only for the Warden i do not do rubbish or dog bins!!!)
The awning is nearly dismantled, most of the items from the cupboards in the awning have been packed into boxes, most of our uniforms have been washed and packed away ready for next season, and i have nearly painted every piece of wood i can find around the site a lovely shade of Caravan Club green.
We were really sad to hear one of our friends Marilyn died this week. There is'nt any thing one can add to that except how difficult to express such sadness in any words that describe the true meaning.
Oh and we have brought a new motor-home, slightly bigger than the one we have now, and build to survive temperatures of -20. It have a large island bed in the bedroom and plush leather seats in the lounge part. I am not sure what is in the kitchen and as i do not cook at all i may never explore this area in any great detail.I expect the Warden will though! I have decided to continue with the Elvis theme and this motor-home is fondly called 'the tour bus'.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Now i may not have discussed this before but me and my sister do not do cows, we do not like them, we understand it to be true that they do in-fact eat people and we will not under any circumstances walk through a field of them. So today me and the Warden did another section of the coastal path and were going great guns until we crossed into National Trust country (you will remember we are now members) and before us were cows with horns which were at least 2 foot in diameter on each side of their heads, so i made him turn round and walk home again, he offered to hold my hand, and place a bag over my head while we walked through but i was having none of it. Anyway we stopped on a large rock to eat our lunch, and the photo below shows the Warden eating his cheese and marmite sandwich, and yes before you ask why were my shorts lying on the rock...........just getting my legs brown in the sun, as i said to him no one is interested in a middle aged women lying on a rock in their pants.
The Warden eating his lunch with the view of where we are staying in the background

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lands End

Well we are on the count downwards for finishing our first year. What a season, learnt so much, spent very little money, made some very special friends, met some really interesting people, seen some wonderful places, and above all have not killed the Warden even though there have been times when i could have strangled him, especially when the rain was so bad at times we were stuck in the office together for hours on end.Mind you i think he may have felt the same about me!!!! but i am not admitting that fact.
We have had a couple of days off so me and the Warden packed up the motor and travelled down to Lands End. We are on a private camp site overlooking the sea and the views are just fantastic. However i did have to stop the Warden commenting on how some of the campers have parked, or how fast some people drive into the site and i did have to stop him telling some-one in the tent field to put their dog on a lead (all Caravan Club site do's and dont's) not that he is above the rules as i reminded him, he has parked our motor the wrong way round, but all he said was 'I'm not moving again' hey ho.
So today we walked to Lands End and as you can see from the photo the sun was actually shining. I quite like the photo because i do feel my arms are in better shape which i expect is down to all the toilet cleaning and hedge cuttings i have been raking lately.......still not sure why i still only get to do the clearing up while the Warden does the hedge cutting........

Me and the Warden at Lands End

Monday, 10 September 2012

More important news

Today we heard we are off to Poolsbrooke, for our next contract with the Caravan Club,which is just fantastic. We have had the most fantastic time here in Devon with our wonderful Wardens Michael and Marilyn, but the weather has just been shocking, so really please not to be coming back this way next year. It means we are only 30 mins away from Mand and Rich (their lucky!!!) and a couple of hours away from the rest of the family and friends.
I know i was hoping for London but maybe we can do that another time. I love that part of Derbyshire and there are so many lovely places to visit and walks to do......really brilliant, it also means i get to see Mand lots which has to be good.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Days off and important news

The Warden on the beach on our last day off
 Now the Warden does not do sand, and in fact has been known to stand fully clothed on the prom while me, James and Amanda play on the sand, so imagine my delight when we found this beach not far from us which has pebbles. So as long as i buy him a paper and he has his ipod, i manage to get a day sunbathing. Note the picnic bag with our packed lunch with fabulous sandwiches made by the Warden (of course) from his home made bread

Beesands beach
Beesands beach

The next two pictures are the views from the beach as we sat in the sun. Anyway we had a fantastic day, then we went to our Warden friends for the evening and had supper followed by their attempt to win back some of the 38p we had managed to win when we last met and played dominoes, anyway they introduced us to a game called 'pigs' and needless to say we lost 4p.

The next piece of news is that on Monday we all hear where our next contract will be. They are sending out a generic spreadsheet with every-ones next contract. Me and the Warden do not really mind where we go next but we would really like to be a little nearer home, especially as my Dad has taken up sky diving off ladders and demolishing green houses while balancing on one leg cutting ivy from next doors walled garden. We are trying to encourage him to take up gentler hobbies now he is 83.

Oh and the next piece of really big news is the Warden is looking at big German built motor-homes. He thinks i don't know his game, this winter will be the first year he has not gone skiing, and i know his plan, if he has a bigger motor-home he can join his old pal Di on their annual skiing holiday, however dear reader i am one step ahead of him, if i plan it right, i get to keep the new motohome in this country and i will pack him off with the rest of them.....then a week of peace and quiet for me!!!!! Thats more like it.