Sunday, 16 September 2012


Now i may not have discussed this before but me and my sister do not do cows, we do not like them, we understand it to be true that they do in-fact eat people and we will not under any circumstances walk through a field of them. So today me and the Warden did another section of the coastal path and were going great guns until we crossed into National Trust country (you will remember we are now members) and before us were cows with horns which were at least 2 foot in diameter on each side of their heads, so i made him turn round and walk home again, he offered to hold my hand, and place a bag over my head while we walked through but i was having none of it. Anyway we stopped on a large rock to eat our lunch, and the photo below shows the Warden eating his cheese and marmite sandwich, and yes before you ask why were my shorts lying on the rock...........just getting my legs brown in the sun, as i said to him no one is interested in a middle aged women lying on a rock in their pants.
The Warden eating his lunch with the view of where we are staying in the background


  1. Ah yes, now I can understand sunning yourself in your underpants, eating cheese (not sure about the marmite bit) sandwiches and enjoying a lovely stroll in the Countryside, however when it comes to cows FORGET IT... thats F O R G E T I T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And horses ! Forget horses,much too big ,looks a lovely place you were at AND the sun was shining ,see it all comes to those that wait!