Friday, 28 September 2012

The Final Count Down

So here are the stats for the final countdown before me and the Warden head off into the distance to meet up with Sister and John for a spot of R&R.
5 more days at work
5 more toilet block cleaning sessions
5 more bin runs (only for the Warden i do not do rubbish or dog bins!!!)
The awning is nearly dismantled, most of the items from the cupboards in the awning have been packed into boxes, most of our uniforms have been washed and packed away ready for next season, and i have nearly painted every piece of wood i can find around the site a lovely shade of Caravan Club green.
We were really sad to hear one of our friends Marilyn died this week. There is'nt any thing one can add to that except how difficult to express such sadness in any words that describe the true meaning.
Oh and we have brought a new motor-home, slightly bigger than the one we have now, and build to survive temperatures of -20. It have a large island bed in the bedroom and plush leather seats in the lounge part. I am not sure what is in the kitchen and as i do not cook at all i may never explore this area in any great detail.I expect the Warden will though! I have decided to continue with the Elvis theme and this motor-home is fondly called 'the tour bus'.

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