Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lands End

Well we are on the count downwards for finishing our first year. What a season, learnt so much, spent very little money, made some very special friends, met some really interesting people, seen some wonderful places, and above all have not killed the Warden even though there have been times when i could have strangled him, especially when the rain was so bad at times we were stuck in the office together for hours on end.Mind you i think he may have felt the same about me!!!! but i am not admitting that fact.
We have had a couple of days off so me and the Warden packed up the motor and travelled down to Lands End. We are on a private camp site overlooking the sea and the views are just fantastic. However i did have to stop the Warden commenting on how some of the campers have parked, or how fast some people drive into the site and i did have to stop him telling some-one in the tent field to put their dog on a lead (all Caravan Club site do's and dont's) not that he is above the rules as i reminded him, he has parked our motor the wrong way round, but all he said was 'I'm not moving again' hey ho.
So today we walked to Lands End and as you can see from the photo the sun was actually shining. I quite like the photo because i do feel my arms are in better shape which i expect is down to all the toilet cleaning and hedge cuttings i have been raking lately.......still not sure why i still only get to do the clearing up while the Warden does the hedge cutting........

Me and the Warden at Lands End

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