Saturday, 8 September 2012

Days off and important news

The Warden on the beach on our last day off
 Now the Warden does not do sand, and in fact has been known to stand fully clothed on the prom while me, James and Amanda play on the sand, so imagine my delight when we found this beach not far from us which has pebbles. So as long as i buy him a paper and he has his ipod, i manage to get a day sunbathing. Note the picnic bag with our packed lunch with fabulous sandwiches made by the Warden (of course) from his home made bread

Beesands beach
Beesands beach

The next two pictures are the views from the beach as we sat in the sun. Anyway we had a fantastic day, then we went to our Warden friends for the evening and had supper followed by their attempt to win back some of the 38p we had managed to win when we last met and played dominoes, anyway they introduced us to a game called 'pigs' and needless to say we lost 4p.

The next piece of news is that on Monday we all hear where our next contract will be. They are sending out a generic spreadsheet with every-ones next contract. Me and the Warden do not really mind where we go next but we would really like to be a little nearer home, especially as my Dad has taken up sky diving off ladders and demolishing green houses while balancing on one leg cutting ivy from next doors walled garden. We are trying to encourage him to take up gentler hobbies now he is 83.

Oh and the next piece of really big news is the Warden is looking at big German built motor-homes. He thinks i don't know his game, this winter will be the first year he has not gone skiing, and i know his plan, if he has a bigger motor-home he can join his old pal Di on their annual skiing holiday, however dear reader i am one step ahead of him, if i plan it right, i get to keep the new motohome in this country and i will pack him off with the rest of them.....then a week of peace and quiet for me!!!!! Thats more like it.

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