Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Day 3 of the induction

We are have just completed day 3 of our induction. Yesterday we had the whole day training on the equipment we will be using on site. I am fabulous at driving a tractor and mower forwards but completely rubbish at driving the tractor and trailer backwards. I feel this may be identified as a development need on my personal development plan!!!. Paul of course could do everything perfectly.
We have frequent food breaks during the day and wonderful evening meals, I am trying very hard not to eat to much, I am not sure how long I can hold out though. Paul has not given himself this stress
We travel to site on Thursday, and then set up our camp. We are painfully aware that people are much more organised then us, and have all sorts of 'kit' for this lifestyle, so we may need to visit a Tesco extra on the way down to site. What is a halogen oven anyway? does any-one know? and what do I do with it if I find one?


  1. Hello sharpies, I have some post for you, I shall send it down south tomorrow. I'm not sure you need to know what a Halogen oven is Ang, only Paul needs to know that, don't you worry about it! Yes well they sound like old pro's to me, much better you are rookies, then you can do lots of spending, yay, I knew you would do it!! xx

  2. This is hilarious, saved to my favourites to keep up to date.