Monday, 19 March 2012

Guess what

Today was brilliant I learnt so much. I spent some time in the office and did some 'on line' ordering, then despite my dismal performance on the tractors and other equipment during the induction i was allowed to do some mowing, and i have to say it I felt I was just brilliant. Paul gets to use the huge ride on mowers and every-one says he is doing a wonderful job making the site look so pretty. I only had to be corrected twice on my mowing technique and i am sure it was not punishment that i was sent to hand mow the back of the toilet block
The sun shone all day today and I think I have a bit of a sun tan!!!! Not sure I have lost any weight yet but we have our proper uniform now and tonight we are having a grand trying on session. Why do I have a sinking feeling?


  1. I think you need to post a pic of you both in your uniforms, such fun! Hope the sun is still shining, it's lovely here today. John is full of cold, not good... probably man flu! Glad to hear you are both enjoying yourselves, hard work but hopefully it won't always be like that. Role on friday when your first customer rolls up! xx

  2. Hi guys nice to hear you are getting on so well but we didenr think for one moment you wouldent take to it like ducks to water.
    We agree with Liz we need a photo of uniform day. (like being back at school).
    We mnaged to get to the sunshine also only 85 deg but not humide, three weeks and five days left. Keep up the good work and dont forget to practice dominos (angela).
    Luv to you both Barbara & Ray xx