Thursday, 8 March 2012

We are on our way

Finally got packed and away from the pension house at lunch time. Both the car and the motor home are stuffed full of stuff. We counted we have taken 8 chairs with us which is a little excessive i know but they do all match!!! We are now in Chatsworth awaiting the arrival of Manda and Rich with our tea (this is more like it!!!) we have moved the boxes out of the way so we can at least sit down to eat. Oh and I have managed to find the wine
Update on motor home, all is now well after a trip to the garage, the on board computer has been re-set and all now seems to be working. We are also contacting Trail finders tomorrow to give the go ahead to the Australia trip. We leave in November and will take in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, New Orleans, and Florida.
Just got a few months of hard work to do first!!!
Now thank you to every-one who has offered us a bed, bath and hot meal in the months to come now we are homeless. We are being fair to you all and developing a rota as we speak, so you can all take it it turns.


  1. woooo hooooo its out in the open road, ratty and toady... hurrah hurrah, lets hope for fine weather, nice customers and an experience of a lifetime! If not I have a spare bed !!! xxx

  2. Trust you two. when have you ever done anything the easy way. Never mind your on track again now so polish the wellies and the mop caps and off you go.may have two spare beds if you are in need just incase your not be speaking .