Sunday, 4 March 2012

Final car boot today and managed to sell everything before the heavy rain started. My assistant however managed to stay in bed (watching football)while i was beating back the crowds at Fenstanton lakes as they battled to buy my general tat and rubbish. However he is not a natural 'car boot seller' and probably better out of the way. Have also sold kitchen table and chairs on ebay so we are down to eating off the ironing board. Motor home coming out of storage on Tuesday ready to stock up and then off to Chatsworth for a couple of days with our king sized bed frame strapped to the bike rack on the back, as Manda is having that as well. Paul's brother (doesn't know it yet) is going to store some boxes and even Mum and Dad are not escaping from one or two items for storage, then its off to the Caravan Club induction on Saturday for four days training. Which I have to say is more than a new Midwife gets when they start at the Maternity Unit!!!
Update on our Australia trip. Paul has now recovered from his suspected heart attack when i told him the initial price and should be out of intensive care in time to go back to Trail-finders on Monday to book our updated travel plans.


  1. What fun! Sounds like its all a resounding success, money in one hand and the other hand ready to spend it! My sort of gal!!

  2. Please take off your word verification !!!