Thursday, 29 March 2012

IT help desk

Yes it had to happen today we were left in charge. Well i think Paul was really left in charge and I brought up the rear. This is totally and utterly due to the fact he cut the whole playing field and therefore is 'top dog'  which I feel is a bit unfair as it is very difficult to shine when you are only pulling up weeds. (even though they are very difficult weeds. Any way all went well until it came to the end of the day and i had to complete the end of day report and print out the said copy. Yes you guessed it it didn't work and after all my years experience in IT I phoned the IT help desk. They are brilliant and the gentleman was so helpful and i was really enjoying talking to them guessed it I had let the printer run out of paper which is why I could not you think this is why Paul was left in charge?


  1. Oh dear Ang!!! Did make me giggle!
    Carol L

  2. Its obvious its Pauls fault because he dident put any paper in the printer. Never mind all sounds like your having a good time.
    See if you can get some tennis practice in as we are playing every other day in 85 deg ready for when you two come out.
    Trying to run off some of the food and drink but not trying to hard.
    Luv Barb & Ray xx

  3. Well you know what they say behind everyone man there is a very good woman which is you.
    Love Julie and Peter xx

  4. Pleased to hear you are capable of doing daft things and I am not the only one.