Thursday, 5 April 2012

Windy cold and a little damp

What a difference a week makes. Today was our day off and we decided to explore Torquay and before i start dear reader you have to remember today was cold windy and sometimes a little damp so it did cloud (excuse the pun) the day somewhat. I am sure some people have a fantastic time at Torquay Sharpie and me are not those people and may not visit again. We found it very dismal and at times tacky. We were also a little sad as Paul remembered times past when him and James played cricket there, and one time in particular when they stood together and watch the total eclipse which happened years ago. I also remember it, but i was at work at the Rosie hospital not messing around playing cricket!!!!
We then went the Painton (didn't stop) and quite frankly quite glad to get home. Well we had to explore that part of the coast and we have decided we may join the National Trust and try and plan our days off a bit more. Unless it is blistering hot then we will just head for our local beach which is stunning.
And to finish our Adds found this photo of more 'sharpes on tour' and i had to share this with you.This could be us next year, especially if we start gathering stuff again.


  1. Is that a burger van being towed? You wouldn't want one of them ,the smell of the onions would get to you !

  2. What a fab picture! I love it! I want one too! 'im indoors is still debating which will be our next motorhome, and as we will have to move first before we can accommodate it I think it will be a couple of years before I get my Hymer!!! Well I'm sorry you had such a dismal day at Torquay, I'm sure somebody loves it there, but we don't need to share it with them. Looking forward to seeing you in 4 weeks time, YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

  3. Mum dont be buying anymore flat wont take it.