Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Sharpes take the plunge

We have taken the plunge and joined the National Trust. It did need some active discussion but once i argued the savings i recieved the go ahead. So we joined yesterday and then as it was our half day we went across Dartmoor to Lydford Gorge and had a wonderful walk to the gorge with the waterfalls which were spectactular after all the rain we have had here.
Paul at Lydford Gorge
Ang at the caldron !

Now there is a big development in the life of Sharpe and Sharpe Wardens, we have been left in charge while our Wardens have their days off. So far so good, it has done nothing but rain all day so we have had to sit in the office till 5pm then we have managed a walk round the site, me in my most fetching orange reflective waterproof coat.

Really looking forward to this week as my Sister comes this week and there is the promise of warmer weather ahead.


  1. I've sent a hug down to you both with mum x Ads

  2. Sounds like you are have a whale of a time. I bet you miss us loads (ha!). Sorry I didn't make it to your's for coffee - must do that some other time. JoeS

  3. Good to see that you are now with the NT we have been members for a long time and can now share the profits with you guys. Only a few dys now so see you soon; we like Pasties and Crab too. All sounding good; you are brilliant pathfinders - Mike & Sharon xx