Saturday, 7 April 2012

Hair straighteners or hot brush

Right we have been living full time in the motor for 2 months and it is time to get serious. What does a girl do to avoid 'caravan hair'. As my working life has changed i have found it very difficult to get into a routine with doing my hair. Make-up is okay but hair... nightmare. So i took advice. My sister swears by a hot brush and Manda uses straighteners, well i tried a hot brush and i am rubbish so straighteners have won. Anyone want to buy a hot brush one owner and used very little.
We had a half day today and Paul spent all afternoon taking the awning to bits and moving it. Even a marriage that has lasted 34years cannot stand up to issues with an awning. I ask you would you like all your possessions out on the road for all the campers to see? Anyway we are settled again now and it is very cosy and we are making full use of the space.
All in all it is working out very well living in our van, lets see how we get on when Mand and Rich come to stay

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