Thursday, 26 April 2012

Turning the water into wine

Those of you who know me well will know i am not religious, (sorry Mrs Rock my Sunday school teacher) but events surrounding my James has played a huge part in my beliefs. However when the constant rain we have been experiencing causes me to get up in the night and pour myself a drink from the fridge of what i thought was water and turned out to be my favourite wine......well what is a girl to do.....slept divinely for the rest of the night though, well it was a tumbler full.
The wind and rain have really been dreadful, lucky the awning has survived so far which is down to Paul's skill in developing the most interesting 'trigs' to hold everything in place (younger members of the family will need to ask Granddad Curtis about 'trigs')
On our last day off we went along the coast line to Dartmouth, and it was delightful. The mediaeval buildings around the harbour are fantastic, and the many boats moving in and out of the harbour are wonderful. We spent a good hour sitting in the sun by the harbour just watching the boats go out to sea and treated ourselves to an ice-cream. There is also a steam train which we will explore when Liz and John come to say, and some interesting river and sea trips to try.
We also found a sleepy fishing village by the sea on our way to Dartmouth, and there was a shack by the sea selling Cornish pasty and fresh dressed crab. We brought some of each for our tea, guess who had the health fish and who had the pie!!!
Well back to work now, and we are working on our own for a few days while our Wardens go away for some well deserved R&R. Just as well really co's it gives me time to replace all the toffee's i stuffed today from the welcome dish we offer members when they arrive. Hey ho it could have been worse it could have been ginger nut biscuits.


  1. You did well with the water onto wine bit! Do a bit of fishing whilst you are in the right area and you will be able to feed the 5 thousand!
    Sorry about the rain,but look at it this way it's been like that here as well so you haven't missed a thing!
    Got a new window fixed in the back room and the man is coming about a new gas fire and so it goes speak later love me

  2. water into wine, yes my sort of gal!! I hope you've organised proper weather for us next week, and I mean, sunshine and blue skies, I expect nothing else from someone who can turn water into wine !!! lol xx