Thursday, 19 April 2012

Its all about Tesco and Marmite

Tesco featured very heavily in the world of Sharpe's. As it was so cold and wet yesterday Paul and me went to Tesco's just because it was warm, well as long as we didn't stay down the frozen food section for to long or for that matter the milk, cheese and yoghurt section as well.
I am also in charge of keeping an eye on the rise and the lots of falling of the Tesco shares ready for a very important Sharpe to cash in their investment, i may not shine as a investment advisor at the rate we are going but i have fun looking every day.
Today was our day off proper so we went to Looe which was lovely, we had our packed lunch (we know how to live) on the quay looking over the beach across to the sea. I had cheese, Marmite and cucumber which reminded me of Sunday school outings to Hunstanton so that prompted me to ring Mum and Dad to say hello, which i try to do on our day off each week. Mum has been as busy as ever and proceeded to tell me of her trip out to a very unsavoury part of London for the day collecting material from her craft work. She then gave us a task of collecting all types of flotsam and jetsam from all the beaches we visit ready for her to use on her summer school. Now Paul hates sand with a passion, and the last thing i will get him to do is roll up his trousers and paddle about in rock pools looking for seaweed. Down to me then. Oh well my Sister can help when she comes down to stay.....he...he


  1. Please can i urge everyone to shop in Tescos from now on to assist with my shares, thank you!

  2. Yes me help, me help... anything to help out Mum's fabulous creations, hope she is reading this!! creep creep. Hi di Hi xxx

  3. Yes I've read all the creepy things! It won't get you both a bigger bag at Xmas time because I haven't had any silver wrapping from the Easter eggs like wot I asked for! .I shall just ha e to ask a wider audience! All you people out there !! (that should do it!)lots of colours please ,not just ferro rocha !

  4. The mind boggles at the thought of Paul,trousers up hankie on head wading about in the sea.If it ever happens Ang. remember the camera.Can't do any more about the Tesco shares already spend a fortune in there.