Wednesday, 11 April 2012

This is me.....i know you wouldn't have guessed....We went to Plymouth on our day off this week and had a wonderful time. We parked at Mount Battern and took the water taxi across to the harbour, we ate our sandwiches looking at all the lovely boats and enjoyed the fantastic views and the wonderful sunshine. I am standing on the spot the Pilgrim Fathers left Plymouth for America in 1620. We are also making our annual pilgrimage there in January when we go and stay in Florida after our big trip so thought it was appropriate.  Thought about our James again while we were there as him and his Dad took in Plymouth on their cricket playing days.
Oh and we also had a 'Mr Wippy' ice cream.
Had a great day at work today, the sun shone, and i managed to order something on line from the purchasing department......the young girl in the purchasing department was ever so helpful and took the time to ring me to check if i really meant to order 100 window catches or did i really mean just 10. I said 10 would be fine, and she promised not to tell the Warden!!!


  1. You look very small against a huge doorway! My you must have lost some so very pleased you have had a good day at work, we are on a countdown at Red Lodge, just 2 weeks to go, after this week!!! lol xxx P.S.. 100 window catches are not too bad, they are small enough to hide from the wardens and deny it all when the invoice comes through.

  2. Hello! I think I may have worked out how to use this site....Mum loving the words 'beautiful daughter'!!! It's lovely to follow you on this blog, I know i speak to you every day but it's good to see some pics etc. Rich and I are very much looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks, 9 whole days! I expect thetoilets to be clean or im complaining to the management....Love you xxx