Thursday, 12 April 2012


This is about rubbish: Paul mentioned that up to a month ago his role involved meeting ambassadors from many different countries, members of parliament and other civil dignitaries often over lunch or in the evening at dinner, and today his role involved upside down in the waste skips emptying large amounts of filled rubbish bags into the large skip ready for the waste tanker to empty this morning. Happy days

This is not rubbish: Me and my Mand at the Tower of London. Also the sun is shining and we have spent the afternoon outside cutting grass. Also Paul had an ice cream from the shop........What you may ask what did he do with the wrapper, put it in the new empty industrial sized skip we have on site of course.


  1. I miss you very much at the moment but this photo explains why i am lucky because i have you

  2. Missed some of your updates as we have been very busy( your not the only ones)and then away in our motor home.Weather not so good but all else was.Love the news and so pleased to hear about all your adventures.
    Isn't it great that you have such wonderful memories of James and that you can share them with us.
    Keep up the good work.