Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sidney for new year

We have had full conformation about every part of our trip. Leaving London at the end of November first stop Hong Kong then Auckland via Sidney. We have three weeks travelling in New Zealand, we were offered a camper van for this part of the trip,but i think we will be sick to death of living in one by then, so it is car hire and Motel/Hotel, based (of course) around Paul's budget restrictions. We then fly to Australia and travel to the Red Centre for three/four days, then up to the Barrier Reef area (Port Douglas) for a week over Christmas. We then travel down to Sidney in time for New Year (really excited about that) and we have booked to 'walk the Sidney Harbour bridge' while we are there. We then fly on to New Orleans for three days then hire a car to drive round to Ray and Barbara in Tampa Florida for a couple of weeks R&R. We also get to eat at Coady's which is always a bonus especially with the rum runners you get with your meal there.
After all this we fly home and by then we will be missing our Mand very much and will be very pleased to see her and our Richard, and of course use her washing machine for our heaps of dirty washing we collect on our way around.


  1. Orange boiler suits and cleaning drains are you sure you are Plymouth and not guantanamo bay!!!
    First guests arriving soon - best smile!!
    Arrived safely in Florida condo and chuck ok -
    windows cleaned and shopping done11
    Spent the day yesterday on the beach - Ray already changing colour!!
    Our little Jacob fractured his wrist at pre-school on the Friday before we left - so spent the afternoon at Hinchingbrooke with Vicky and the 3 boys. He is really milking it and enjoying being a celeb!
    Off to play tennis and then go for a swim - if I am still in 1 piece.
    Keep blogging
    Love B & R x x

  2. Wow - love this. Plus the bonus of having to cook for two less at Christmas! Woody

  3. Sounds wonderful. Good on ya, you both deserve it. Mike & Sharon