Thursday, 25 October 2012


This week has really flown by and me and the Warden are having to set our alarm clock and get up at the most un godly hour of 7.30am just to cram everything into the day. I had not appreciated the amount of maintainence i require just to keep looking as stunning as i do (imagine dear reader what i would look like if i did'nt), also we are straight back in the middle of daily living. Sorting out issues of non payment of rent in one of our houses grrrrr. Catching 80 year old parents in the act of complete furniture removals grrr, funny how things change, you know when they have been up to no good, when you walk through the front door and they are both grinning and the house looks completely different, or there is a tell tale throw away line 'Dad has just been preparing for the loft insulation'!!!!! the mind boggles.
One of the lovely things though is catching up with all friends and the diary is filling up with lunch dates and evenings out. Lovely less cooking for us. Well when i say us i really mean the Warden
We have also stumbled on a good cause in the village which we feel would be a lasting memory to James, the village is embarking on a tree planting scheme so we are going to support this venture in memory of our boy, and if i can get my self organised i may look for sponsorship for this when we climb Sidney harbour bridge, which is something i am doing as part of my personal journey as James Sharpes mum.The Warden is doing it because i booked it and told him (he hates heights!!!).Hey Ho.

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