Monday, 27 February 2012

This is the last full week before the big off. So long list of jobs (mainly for Paul I have to say, but as our dear John would say that is because I am 'management' and he is the assistant). We need to put up a small strip of tiles in the kitchen and make sure we leave all the paint work lovely for the new tenant. Amanda has gone home after spending a week with us, and I have to say I will not miss pounding the streets of St-Ives with her yelling 'come on mother keep running'!! Paul has given her and Rich the big wide screen telly and the XBOX, so you guessed it we are watching the Tesco value portable on the upturned black packing box. Dear Paul so far he has sold his beloved mini and now has given the children his XBOX, all in the cause of our new lifestyle...what a bloke.
We have still to spring clean our old gentleman before we leave him with a network of cleaners, so felt quite sad as today was the last trip to the laundrette with his washing and my weekly chat to the Vietnamese gentleman who owns said laundrette. You may be asking at this point why i take the washing to the not to ask.
We are also starting to plan our Australia and New Zealand trip which is very exciting and our dear friends Ray and Barbara have given us lots of very helpful hints and advice so armed with our lists and the bank balance carefully written down we are off to Trail finders this week as well.


  1. Sounds like there is a lot that has been given up, but lots of exciting things ahead! I am looking to see if I can still Skype as I expect this will be the way to go! Happy holidays... p.s did you see the programme on crocodiles in Australia, mmmmmmmm m m m well I'm sure it will be fine! lol xx

  2. Loving the blog already and you've not even left yet! Bridget xx