Saturday, 4 February 2012

Well what was i saying about the plan is slowly developing! Received a phone call from the Caravan Club yesterday offering us a different site in Devon with full time hours and a longer contract. Wow, so with much discussion and Paul entering the financial implications into his 'forward planning financial spreadsheet' we rang them back and said yes. So we are now leaving St-Ives during the first week of March, and starting at the site down in Devon by the 14th. The down side (and it is a big downside) is that we have had to cancel our holiday with our Liz and John, but they have been fab about it. So everything has now cranked up a gear, and i am busy with a very long list of 'to do's'. Rent the house, do a car boot sale, give Richard our wide screen telly!!! try and keep on the diet etc etc.

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  1. Wey hey hey, we are coming to visit, I have booked a few days in June, then we are going to Tintagel to see what you are missing!! What an exciting adventure... missing you both already xxxxxxxxxxxxx