Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmas week-end

Me and the Warden have been staying with Amanda and Richard for a early Christmas week-end. We had the very best time. Rich cooked Christmas lunch with all the trimmings with special cheese-cake for pudding. Our Mand cooked all the Sharpe traditional fare including very special sausage rolls which even the Warden had to agree knocked his into a cocked hat. Anyway we had a fab time, we were very good and ate everything that was put in front of us..... and came away with presents we are not allowed to open until Christmas morning which will be at the barrier reef in northern Australia for us!!!!
Well we are on the final count-down to the off. So we leave this camp site we are on (Milestone near Newark) which i have to say is one of the nicest sites we have stayed at for a long time and we start our journey towards London stopping on the way to say good-by to the parents and of course my Sister who i shall miss terribly while we are away.Oh and the Warden has another day of work to do......!!

Guess who?

My family out on our Boxing day walk

Them two

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