Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Yep guess.... what woke up this morning to that very familiar sound....Rain. It has rained for most of the day and just to top it off New Zealand is going to enjoy a unusual cold snap this week-end, oh goody goody. Please don't laugh all those of you in GB, i am told it is not normally this cold and wet at this time of the year so it should get better. Must be the Wardens curse...remember Devon?
Anyway on a lighter note we had a good day, we walked to a wonderful beach in the morning and this afternoon we took a boat trip out to the 'hole in the wall' and spent a very nice hour or so watch dolphins swimming in the sea.
We have also made a bit of a find, following a recommendation from the young man in the Catholic mission yesterday we have eaten for the last 2 nights in the local x serviceman club which serves fresh home cooked food at a fraction of the price in the local hotels or restaurants. They are apparently all over NZ and OZ so a good place to eat all round, and well known to seasoned travellers.
Leaving Russell tomorrow so a new adventure begins

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  1. was the warden happy with his food guess you will be eating in x servicemans clubs a lot tessx