Saturday, 22 December 2012

Down-under in OZ

What a hectic week we have had. We left Christchurch and flew into Sydney for one night before flying on to Ayres rock for a three day tour. We were quite shocked at Sydney as we had just left New Zealand with its fantastic scenery and gentle pace to life and we found ourselves right in the middle of a hectic city with all its traffic and people and noise. However we decided to give the city a chance and when we return to it next week we hope to plan our time to give Sydney the chance to shine.
Well next shock came as we landed in Alice Springs, this certainly is different again, but we met a wonderful lady on the plane who owned a bar in Alice who took a real shine to the Warden and when we walked past her place she dragged him in !!!!. So after one night we caught the coach to Ayres Rock, through endless miles of desert and bush and desert and more desert.
We  then spent three days charging about the same desert in a coach looking at three very large pieces of rock. They are Mount Conner, The Olgers, and of course Ayres Rock or Uluru as it is now called. It was very hot and i didn't manage some of the walks we had hoped to go on but the Warden did and was seen coming out of the desert with the rest of them.We are glad we went and saw the area, but i am not sure either of us would go again, and the trip was slightly spoiled by the cost of things while we were there just basic coffee in the morning required a large investment from the Wardens pocket money.
Anyway we are now in Port Douglas, all ready to look at the barrier reef and stuff, we have Christmas here and as we have a little house we have already been to the shops and got all our food ready to bunker down.The Warden cooked chilli tonight was smashing. Oh and we have a washing machine and i dryer so i have washed all the smalls and we both smell fresh and clean again.

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