Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Great Barrier Reef

What a day we have had. Me and Him have been swimming and snorkling around the Great Barrier Reef. This has to be one of the most fantastic things we have ever done, well apart from James and Mand of course.
Below is a picture of us in our wet suits just look how gorgeous we look. The first picture is especially for our 'Warden Boss' Michael, he knows why!!!! Anyway  i do feel i look at least a size 8 in the next picture.
Anyway back to the reef, the corals and the fish were unbelievable and me and him just spent all our time in the water, of course i had to keep getting out to run over to the boat to use the toilet, but i got quite nippy in my pink flippers (i kid you not), and we were quite amazed to find some people didn't even get in the water or ride in the glass bottom boats they provide.
Anyway the whole experience blew us away, and tomorrow we are going up in a hot air balloon over the rain forest so that will be different.
I was sorry to miss my little brothers 50th birthday party at home though, but we sent our Mand and she can party for all of us so i shouldn't think we were missed that much...............i wonder if any-one at the party wore a suit like mine?
Joe Cool

Me and Him

Just spoke to Mum and Mand on skype fantastic xxxx

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  1. What a wonderful experience, Love the wet suits, they would be perfect just now in the UK, we are a little wet here! xxx