Monday, 7 January 2013

New Orleans

So after 28hrs of travelling me and the Warden arrived in New Orleans, it may be the big easy but it is freezing, we left Sydney in temperatures of 30C+ and arrived to 9C and biting winds. So me and him have had to purchase hats and search for our coats and gloves in the bottom of our suitcases before we can enjoy the city.
So we have spent a day doing what we always do and we spent the day walking the streets, now i know they have been struggling since Katrina but there are holes in the pavement and the roads you could loose a truck let alone a Warden, anyway we have enjoyed the French Quarter and the night life even though some of the shows were a little suspect!!! and despite  suffering from terrible jet-lag we have given the city a good go. Last night we eat in Bubba Gumps place (well perhaps not his place) and each morning we have enjoyed the American tradition of breakfast out. (though i still cannot get the taste for 'grits' but our waiter this morning said put cheese on....) We did find a wonderful cafe this morning for coffee which had a fantastic jazz band and the sun came out as well so all was perfect.
We then took a ride on a steam boat up the Mississippi to a famous battle field where you guessed it they defeated the British........never mind they seem to have managed with out us. Last night in town tonight then we pick up our hire car and slowly make our way around to Florida.
We are hoping to get some sleep tonight that is if the jet-lag and the guy who sings out side our hotel window at 2am each night all disapear.

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