Sunday, 20 January 2013

Our last week of freedom

Well it is our last week of freedom before we fly home to the cold wet and dark we call home, and how very very lovely that is going to be. We have seen such fantastic things and had lots of adventures but we both will be very pleased to be home and see every one. Even the Warden who as close friends and family will know is not known for sentiment asked me to to make sure we had brought every-one a gift from our adventures.
Anyway the calendar is already filling up with Doctors, Dentist and Hairdresser appointments, and after we have been to see all the family to make sure they are in one piece we are all set to start work again in Poolsbrook.
Its going to brilliant, a new site, living close to Mand and Rich, and new adventures. Oh and we have already started to plan next years travel plans, first thing booked already the Wardens ski-ing holiday..........big sulks as he missed 2013's he is not about to repeat this in 2014!!!!
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