Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sydney Part 2

Me  and the Warden are sitting outside in a trendy pavement eating establishment mainly because they have free WFI, so i am am managing with canned music, people smoking all around me......I'm really blending in here !

Well what a fire-work display we had in Sydney, we managed to get a good spot just down the road from our hotel so we managed to see the 9pm and the midnight show, only we knew it wasn't real cos Sydney is 11 hours in front, so cheating really.

Anyway we spent new years day on Bondi beach...get us, and then we watched the film the Hobbit on the biggest screen in the world at Darling Habour.....fantastic. We had a really lazy day today just a picnic in the Botanical Gardens. Oh we did take the ferry to Watson's Bay, but after seeing the biggest fish and chip place which appeared to take up the whole area we caught the bus home.

Tomorrow we are doing the Harbour bridge climb, we are doing it for James because if he had managed to get to Sydney he defiantly would have done it. Anyway wish us luck, i hear it is tough going, but i remember what James said when i did the London to Cambridge bike race 'you'll never do it mother' so then i just gritted my teeth all the same and hey presto. Just got to be careful this time as the tooth implants cost so much i cannot replace them if i grit to much!!!!

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